Round Table Discussion on the roles of the Political Parties in Promoting Democracy and Good Governance in Western Equatoria State

On 31st Jan 2024, The Network for Civil Society Organizations (NeCSOs) conducted a Round Table Discussion on the roles of the political parties in promoting Democracy and good governance in Western Equatoria State.
This activity was implemented by NeCSOs in partnership with CIDA and all the political parties in the state attended. Political parties such as IO, SPLAM, IG, SSOA, and OPP attended the discussion. Key representatives from these political parties came for this discussion such as the Deputy Chairperson of SPLAM-IG, The Secretary, and other senior members of the parties. Also Deputy chairperson of IO, The secretary, and other senior members.
The aim of the discussion was to bring all the political parties to focus on promoting democracy and good governance as their organizations are responsible for mentoring and providing political leaders for the state.
This has been the first of its kind since the formation of a revitalized government in the state, which has brought the state leaders coming crossing these different parties.
The Round Table Discussion served as the first step to bring political rivals to discuss a common agenda in the state. Their intervention during the group discussion also began to reduce the wide gap between the state’s political parties.
The Round Table Discussion ended with key resolutions that will foster democracy and good governance as seen below:


    • -We need to initiate political party forums to strengthen our unit in WES.
    • Grant peace and stability.
    • It will promote the freedom of political parties’ activities.
    • Will ensure the three arms of the government exercise their duties.
    • Will ensure the rights of the citizens and provide services
    • The political parties need to respect the constitution of the state.
    • Work together with CSOs to promote good governance.
    • Provide Civic space for citizens to vote with confidence
    • Promote the rule of law.
    • Promote development.
    • Promote mutual understanding among the political parties.
    • Respect for human rights.
    • CSOs need to train political parties on good governance.
    • We will combat tribalism, nepotism, etc..
    • we need all political parties to demonstrate good governance and care for the citizens.
    • All political parties to stop corruption.
    • promote inclusion in the decision-making process.
    • Should stop violence to get power.
    • The media should be free to perform their duties.
    • Hear the voice of the community

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