Brainstorming with the Journalists to see how they can partner with CSOs to help WES.

NeCSOs had call the Media houses in Yambio on 6th, Feb 2024 to discuss the following questions:

1-Why are we not united as CSOs and Media houses?

It seems that there’s no good relationship between CSOs and the union of journalists in WES. In most cases, it’s the CSOs who look for the journalists for coverage of some activities that they are doing in the community.


No forum coordinating the CSOs and Media Houses together to distribute the information in a way that is easy to follow up.

Journalists mentioned that they are not only having issues of unity but are also disorganized in the way that a journalist is conducting a program or topic with limited knowledge about it. Referring to the previous award program in Juba, most journalists failed to receive awards simply because no one could pick a topic to do with agriculture.
Most journalists work without passion for working in media houses which makes them always do what they are told rather than what they can put effort to do.
There’s an issue of buying hours to deliver information to the community via FM media.
Most CSOs are not aware of the importance of the media houses in their forums and other activities.
Media houses are not always engaged in a capacity-building program.

2-How can CSOs work together with the Journalists to support the community? (Resolutions
The Secretary for NeCSOs should create a WhatsApp group forum for the CSOs and the Union of Journalists for easier coordination of any event taking place.
There’s a need to encourage CSOs about the importance of media houses in any forum they are conducting.
Information that has an effective impact on the communities should always be paid for as it’s for the well-being of the state.
There’s a need to see how CSOs can collaborate with journalists concerning the 7 clusters within NeCSOs. Thus; to pair CSOs and Journalists according to each cluster in pairs.
For activities in the fields, there’s a need to care for the transportation and other necessities of the particular journalist who is to cover the program.
There’s a need to draft a proposal for capacity-building training for journalists in the WES.
CSOs should not deal with the journalist as an individual but as a union of journalists.

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