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Our story starts way back, in 2015

Network for Civil Society Organizations (NeCSOs) is one of the highest initiatives done by the Civil Society/Indigenous Organizations within Western Equatoria State in order to provide a platform for unity, strengthening the capacities of member organizations for joint planning and resource mobilization so as to achieve sustainable peace and development of Western Equatoria State and South Sudan at large.

Civil Society Organizations since independence had been operating in the State with less recognition of their activities by the State authorities as some of them sometimes had limited skilled labor and poor capacity for resource mobilization to offer services to the people in the State. This has just been due to the absence of local body that acts as an umbrella/coordination and unifying all the activities of the Civil Society organizations within the State and to make them known and felt by the community and the State governments.

The initiative made was also to be a middle ground that will be acting as a mediator between the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the State Authority for joint planning, resource mobilization and help in strengthening Civil Society Organizations through putting in place some State policies that can help the works of CSOs within the State.

Members from the Civil Society Organizations gathered and had several meetings that started from the 15th of June 2015 and ended on the 20th of August 2015 resulting to the election of the Executive members to run the network and the final formation process of the Network for Civil Society Organizations.

The network with support from its members (CSOs), government and the partners is also tasked to map and collect data of all indigenous organizations as the Network acts as a hub of information for all stakeholders.

Network for Civil Society Organizations (NeCSOs) was formally known as Western Equatoria Civil Society Organizations’ Network (WECSON) formed in the date mentioned above as a result of several meetings held by local organizations in Western Equatoria State.

Following up the presidential decree in 2016 that created more states in South Sudan in which Western Equatoria state was divided into three states and latter into four, led to the dissolution of local organizations registered under Western Equatoria State, the member organizations immediately held another meeting on the 9th of November 2016 at Super star hotel in order to discuss those changes that had affected the Network and its members.

The Network steering committee and all other member organizations resolved to comply with the government directives and changed all their documentations bearing Western Equatoria State. In the same meeting, member organizations as well decided to change the name of the platform from Western Equatoria Civil Society Organizations’ Network (WECSON) to Network for Civil Society Organizations (NeCSOs).


To be a Well-informed and capable institution objectively engaging the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)/Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Associations proactively for sustainable Peace and development in the State and South Sudan at large.


Providing a platform for coordinating mechanism to empower CSOs (indigenous organizations) through sharing of information and equal distribution of available resources to jointly lobby and advocate for positive change in the Socio – Economic wellbeing of the people in the state.

The Core Values

  • Peace loving.
  • Inclusiveness and Equal Participation.
  • Respect of humanity.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Transparency and accountability

Specific Objective

  • To act as an umbrella institution for all the Civil Society Organizations/CBOs/Associations within Western Equatoria State, in order to strengthen and unify their activities, avoiding duplications for the achievement of a sustainable peace and development for the people of South Sudan.

The general assembly which is responsible for the election of the executive members of the network these are all member organizations within the state.

The network has an executive committee comprising of five (5) people from different organizations within the state. These include;

  1.  Chairperson.
  2. Deputy chairperson.
  3. Secretary General.
  4. Deputy Secretary General.
  5. Treasurer.

The network also has the technical Committee of seven (7) members who are specialist in all different sectors of service delivery these also come from different Civil Society Organizations.

  1. Education cluster
  2. Governance cluster
  3. Food Security and Livehood (FSL) cluster
  4. Health cluster
  5. WASH cluster
  6. Humanitarian cluster
  7. Community Development cluster

The County Coordinators from the (10) Counties in WES.

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