Handover of the Civic Engagement Center to NeCSOs

The Community Organization for Peer Education (COPE) finally handed the CIVIC ENGAGEMENT CENTER to NeCSOs on 17 May 2023. COPE was the implementing agent of this UNMISS quick impact project and is so grateful for the opportunity to be part of its existence. “Thanks for their accountability.”

Many stakeholders were invited to witness this handover ceremony at the Gangara Emilia Residential area, Yambio-WES, such as; The Minister of the Local Government (guest of honor), State and County RRC Directors, CSOs, UNMISS, and Representative of the Gangara Emilia Community.

It was mentioned by the Chairperson of NeCSOs that, The Civic Engagement Center is not an individual interest but is built to serve the Community. The Leaders of the Gangara Emilia Community are free to conduct meetings that serve the community in the hall of the Civic Engagement Center. The Civic Education will be conducted in the Civic Engagement Center. So as for the major element of the Civic Engagement Center, it’s not there to serve an individual interest but it’s built to serve the Community in the formal procedures.

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