Radio talk show conducted on Civil Society Resolution on the Transitional Process in South Sudan(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Radio talk show conducted on Civil Society Resolution on the Transitional Process in South Sudan
(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)


The Radio talk show program was conducted on 25th, Dec 2024 by the Network of the Civil Society Organizations W.E.S to collect the community views if it’s okay for the coming Election to take place before the following is done:

1. Constitution-Making: This will produce a permanent constitution that reflects the values, aspirations, and priorities of ordinary people in South Sudan

2. National Elections: The establishment of the National Election However, for the country to move in the right direction, they must increase their efforts to engage the Government of South Sudan and prioritize the needs and interests of the citizens of South Sudan above those of the political elite.

3. Transitional Justice: The need to safeguard these gains and invest more into creating an environment conducive to truth, justice, reconciliation, and healing. The Government should not sideline civil society in this process. We have the knowledge, expertise, and networks to help make it a success.

4. Security Arrangements: The call upon the various political formations, armed groups, and factions to embark on a robust process of building trust between soldiers and civilians and adopt a security approach that targets the real threats that South Sudanese face every day across the country. 

5. Civic and Political Space: To protect and expand civic and political space and guarantee the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly in South Sudan.

The majority of the callers preferred the processes mentioned above to take place first before the coming Election to take place so that effectiveness is guaranteed in the process of election.

Wrote by: Bingba Tito

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