Institution Development and Organization Development Training to CSOs in Yambio County, W.E.S

Network for Civil Society Organizations (NeCSOs) has conducted training for CSOs in Yambio. The training was done for 6 days, from 30th November to 7th of December 2023. This training results from the early assessment conducted on CSOs under the #Caritas Austria project of Connect II. The assessment was made to identify gaps in CSOs of which NeCSOs had designed training manuals according to the needs that arose during the Organization Capacity Assessment. The training Started with the CSOs in Nzara County and is now done for some other CSOs in Yambio County as others will also be trained later. Due to the large number of CSOs in Yambio, the training has been conducted for the Junior CSOs first because some CSOs in Yambio had accessed the training before which has developed them to a high level while other counties such as Tambura, Ezo, Ibba, Maridi, Mundri West and Mvolo will also receive the same trainings.The training covers areas of the following:
• Proposal Development/resource mobilization, saving, and income-generating program.
• Leadership, Advocacy, and lobbying
• Organization vision, mission, objectives, values, Strategic plan, Constitution, and Policies (board charter, finance, procurement, child protection, Human resource, code of conduct, fraud, and corruption).
• Public relations and Networking
• Planning, reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation
• Budgeting, financial reporting, asset management, different financial documentation and Audit.

The training was facilitated by Udie Daniel Director of ASF, Wingba Benedict Director of CCEWO, and John Waiwai Logistics and Finance for COPE.
All the packages of training designed to strengthen the capacity of CSOs specially those with limited skills to run their organizations efficiently. The learners had shown a concern that they required such training due to their expression during the training.
NeCSOs had invited the following CSOs for the first round training in Yambio:
SRF, UYOPAD, NVSD, CYI, SOLE, Youth Link Organization, ANIKA, WESBA, WAO and ICSS.
From the 10 organizations invited, 3 individuals from each organization were to attend the training. Executive director, a Board member, and financial personnel were the categories invited for the training.
Monitoring and Evaluation have to be taken after the training to ensure the implementation of the knowledge acquired and the delivery of quality services to the communities in WES and South Sudan.
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Wrote by: Bingba Tito

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