Radio Talk show

Radio Talkshow took place on 30th/03/2023: The program was organized by NeCSOs to the public on the importance of promoting social cohesion and peaceful co-existence and how peace links to development. This awareness program focused on governance, where communities are the center for peace and development, starting in families, neighborhoods, and the community. This targeted the people in Yambio County; supported by Caritas Austria. The message was “Where there is no peace in the family, neighborhood, and community, there is no development”. The main aim of this activity is to make the public aware of social cohesion and peaceful co-existence and Development in WES and South Sudan. The Technical Committee members involved were;
Udie Daniel, Gordon Basa and Woduapai Madeline.

Thanks to Caritas for supporting SCOs in WES and Sudan Sudan at large

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